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Finding a Lincoln residential & commercial roofing contractor you can depend on throughout the year isn’t always an easy process. You’re looking for a roofer that is honest, efficient, affordable, and someone who is trusted by your neighbors. That’s why here at Ram Roofing and Solar, we work hard to exceed your expectations and create the ultimate customer experience possible. 

From the moment you sign up for a free consultation, you can expect nothing but high-end service from the premier Lincoln roofing team.
Also, if you want to install a solar roof in Lincoln – our team is ready to help with it.

As a homeowner or business owner in Lincoln, Nebraska, you know how difficult it can be to find a reliable roofing company. You want to hire a roofer who is reliable, quick, and inexpensive and someone highly recommended by the locals. As a result, we here at Ram Roofing and Solar make it our mission to provide you with the best customer service you’ve ever had.

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Our team is well equipped to repair, replace, and install your residential roof. Our process begins with an inspection and ends with a thorough clean-up of your property.

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We specialize in repairing and replacing both steep slope and flat commercial roofs. Contact us for a free commercial consultation.

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Many homes suffer storm damage in Lincoln, NE. If your roof has recently been hit by a storm, contact us to see how we can help you maximize your insurance claim.

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Ram Roofing & Solar – The Best Roofing Replacement & Repair Service Provider In Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska, residents demand first-rate roofing services to protect their families. Thankfully, they have Ram Roofing & Solar to rely on for cutting-edge roofing assistance. You can count on us to make any necessary roof repairs after a catastrophe or to install a brand-new roof of the highest possible quality.

Roof Repairing in Lincoln, Nebraska


When we begin work on a roof, we always start with a comprehensive, high-tech roof inspection that checks for problems in the shingles, gutters, and everywhere else a roof might have trouble. In order to help you determine whether or not to make a claim with your insurance company, we will go over the conclusions of our roof damage evaluation with you.


Fixing a Roof’s Leaks


It is preferable to fix a leaking roof as soon as possible, as this can prevent further damage to the existing roof and the inside of your home. Due to our extensive background in roofing work, we will be able to determine the cause of the leak and implement a solution to prevent any more damage to your home.


Repairing Storm-Related Damages


A professional roof inspection after a storm is essential for finding any loose shingles, broken flashing, or other issues that could lead to leaks in the next big downpour.


Expert Roofing Contractors That You Can Trust


When roof repairs won’t do the trick, our comprehensive roof replacement process can have you enjoying your brand-new roof in no time. We will replace outdated shingles or panels with high-quality options from reputable suppliers.


When you use Ram Roofing & Solar, you’ll have the support of a team that is well-versed in homeowners’ insurance and ready to assist you through the arduous process of filing an insurance claim to get the maximum benefit from the roofing services you invest in.


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Services We Offer In Lincoln, Nebraska

You can count on Ram Roofing & Solar to provide a one-stop-shop approach to fixing any issues bothering your home. We’ve got you covered when it comes to general construction, insurance claims, and fixing up storm damage. As a result, you can rest assured that you’ll receive premium-level service from start to finish. Our wide range of services in Lincoln, Nebraska, includes:


  • Residential Roofing Services
  • Commercial Roofing Services
  • Storm Damage Services

Benefits Of Hiring Us In Lincoln, Nebraska

1. Time-Effective


In addition to helping you save time and money, the correct roofing contractor, like Ram Roofing & Solar, will help you avoid unnecessary hassles. Therefore, you will be get the chance to increase productivity in your field of expertise.


All other considerations must take time into account. An experienced commercial roofing contractor, such as Ram Roofing & Solar, using modern roofing equipment will be able to complete the job quickly and efficiently.


On top of that, we have received adequate training in the field and are familiar with the best approach to take when working on different types of roofs. When we handle your roof, you can rest easy knowing that it will last. Get professional roofers to do the work for you so you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy.


2. No Legal Issues


It is crucial to employ a commercial roofing contractor with the necessary qualifications. You could be held responsible and even face legal action if something goes wrong while following a Do-It-Yourself action plan. If a roofer lacks experience and installs the roof carelessly, injuring a 3rd party, the roof’s owner may file a lawsuit against the roofer.


Valuable third-party property could be ruined by mold and water leakage. The responsibility for the loss in its entirety will be 100% on you. For this reason, hiring a professional roofer, like Ram Roofing & Solar, is a good idea for maintenance and new construction.


We are duly licensed and registered as required by law. Moreover, we have insurance from a reliable provider. We are responsible in the event of accidents or other issues.


3. In-depth Inspection Of Roof


When you hire professional roofers in Lincoln, Nebraska, like Ram Roofing & Solar, they will perform a thorough inspection of your roof and point up any problems they find. They will also identify the underlying issues causing the damage to your roofing so that you can avoid future expenses.


The roofing contractors you hire to install or fix your commercial roof will employ cutting-edge tools and techniques. They can maintain a high standard of work thanks to the high-tech roofing equipment at their disposal. Avoid attempting a fix on your own, as you might not get to the bottom of things.


4. No Need To Put Yourself In Danger


The risk of personal injury is high when you attempt roof installation on your own. A roof installment or repair task presents a high risk of serious injury or death due to slips and falls. Expert roofers know how to operate a roof without endangering themselves or your home since they have the right gear and training.


In addition, they are trained to work in adverse situations, and with potentially hazardous materials, so you can feel secure knowing that your families and property will be protected during the roofing project.

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When you hire us, you can rest assured that your roof will be inspected by the most cutting-edge tools available, that your insurance company will be fully briefed on your options for repairing or replacing your roof, and that your work will be completed by a skilled and committed staff.


You can rest assured that your Lincoln house is safe with Ram Roofing & Solar. Contact us to arrange for an assessment and a discussion of your roof’s maintenance or replacement possibilities.