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Ram Roofing and Solar is committed to providing the finest quality solar roofs and systems available in Iowa and Nebraska. We’re committed to helping home and Business owners in the most professional way. 

Installing a solar roof is a smart approach to modernizing your house and cutting down on your monthly energy bills. Ram Roofing and Solar is dedicated to providing high-quality solar panel installations that can help you save money on your electricity bill, earn a tax credit, and lessen your environmental impact.

When it comes to solar panel installations, we are quick and effective. We’ll be done in no time, providing you with solar panels that can start producing electricity for you right away. Learn more about what Ram Roofing and Solar can accomplish for your beautiful solar roof by contacting our experts now!

Ram Roofing Urbandale Solar panel roofing installation

As a solar company in Iowa, one of the major focuses at Ram Roofing is delivering the best solar roofs. We believe in doing everything we can to support our environment while also supporting homeowners with solar roofs in Des Moines and nearby areas. 

Solar roofs are a great way to upgrade your home and reduce your overall energy costs. At Ram Roofing, we focus on delivering quality solar panels that will help you lower your energy bill, increase your tax credit, and reduce your overall carbon footprint. 

Our solar panel installation in Iowa focuses on efficiency and is done in a very timely manner. We’ll be in and out of your property in no time, thus leaving you with solar panels that’ll be generating energy for you from day one. Contact our solar roof installation experts today to discuss what Ram Roofing can do for your new solar roof in Des Moines and surrounding regions. 

Ram Roofing can help you harness the sun’s power with efficient solar power installations. Our main focus is on getting you up and running fast, minimizing disruptions to your property. We will give new solar panels generating clean energy for your home in no time.

All you have to do is give us a call, and our solar roofing specialists in Des Moines will be at your service. Contact us at any time to discuss your options and learn how you can transform your roof into a personal power plant.

Whether you’re looking to make the shift to clean energy or slash your electricity bills in half, our solar panel installation experts can help. We understand the importance of minimizing disruptions to your daily life. This is why our solar panel installation experts are here to help.

Our high-quality panels are well-built, resilient, and crafted to last. Expert solar panel installations mean substantial savings on your monthly energy costs, putting money back in your pocket, and benefitting the environment.

Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional solar roof installation services in Des Moines, Urbandale, and Sioux City, Iowa.


Solar roofing systems comprise a whole set of tiling that is essentially separate solar panels. They are constructed from robust tempered glass & solar panels. Each panel can generate enough electricity to supply a portion of or an entire building’s energy needs, and this energy can be retained or used instantly.

A solar roof will not only save your monthly energy costs but will also lower your carbon footprint. The cost-effectiveness of installing a solar roof for your home or business is conditional on several variables, including your energy consumption patterns and the coverage area of your roof, which can be covered with solar tiles.

Although some roofing materials are better suited than others for solar panel setups, it is possible to use the mounting components that are available to get the job done on any roof. Although large roofs without vents and chimneys are ideal for solar panel installation, professional contractors will find creative solutions to fit the panels regardless of their location. 

As one might expect, solar panels work best on south-facing rooftops that get plenty of direct sunlight. Professional solar panel installers, such as Ram Roofing and Solar, will work with you to determine whether or not your roof meets solar panel installation requirements.

In most cases, the installation process can be completed within 6 hours. Nevertheless, it may take a longer time to complete the transition to solar power. Finding the best solar installer, getting an estimate, considering financing options, and performing a site evaluation are all steps that most people take before the actual installation.

You must look for a licensed professional to install the solar panels. Due to the complexity involved, hiring an expert like Ram Roofing and Solar to assist you to get the best deal available is a wise decision.

A solar roof’s final price tag will be determined by several specifics about your home or business and energy needs, such as its location, the quality of the materials used, the condition of the roofing, and the amount of energy you intend to produce. Don’t hesitate to contact Ram Roofing and Solar’s professionals for assistance in explaining our pricing structures.

Our team of professionals at Ram Roofing and Solar will help guide you in exploring your best financing options.

In all likelihood, no, although it is possible. To withstand the effects of the weather, solar panels are built with sturdy construction. After 40 years of use, first-generation solar panels are still producing 75% of their rated power. 

Further, they have no moving components and are thus quite basic, making them extremely unlikely to experience any problems. Cracks or breaks should be evaluated by a maintenance service as soon as possible.

Most manufacturers of solar panels provide a guarantee of 20 or 25 years. It is crucial to understand what your warranty includes, but warranties are great since they help give you peace of mind and security for your solar investment.

Underperforming solar panels will be replaced at no cost by the manufacturer if problems are detected. A performance guarantee is not the same thing as a production guarantee. Be wary of scams; instead, investigate whether or not the company installing your solar panels will provide a warranty on both the equipment and the labor.

When these are professionally installed by trained personnel, solar panels pose no threat of leakage or other structural issues.

Installing solar panels professionally is risk-free because of safeguards built into the products themselves and into structural regulations that address issues like wind and environmental impact. Wind damage can be avoided by having a reputable business, such as Ram Roofing and Solar, install your solar roof.

Solar panels can be installed on flat rooftops, and in fact, they work best on this type of roof. They are easier to set up and allow for greater freedom of design. Be careful to verify with your roofer to see whether they can handle flat roofs as well as the more common sloped ones.

The positioning of the tiles on your roof is the primary cause of irregular production from your solar roof. As a general rule, roofs that face North or Northeast throughout the United States receive fewer hours of sunlight annually than those that face South. 

Tree branches, street lamps, chimneys, and other structures can all cast a long shadow over your solar panels, reducing the amount of sunlight your system has access to and, in turn, your power output.


Reduce Energy Bill

Solar panels use energy from the sun, meaning no expensive electricity for you. You can reduce your bill by as much as eight times.

Earn Tax Credits

With solar panels you'll be eligible to receive 30% of your total system costs. You can also take advantage of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs).

Save From Day 1

Your annual energy costs are in the thousands. Solar panels reduce that cost from the moment they're installed. They'll also increase the value of your home thus increasing the equity in your home.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Deriving clean energy from the sun means that you won't be consuming energy from fossil fuels. This lowers your overall carbon footprint, thus leaving you as a friend to the environment.