Blueprint of Urbandale Building Codes
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Is your roof up-to-date with the latest Urbandale roofing codes?

Staying up to date with the latest Urbandale roofing codes shouldn’t be the job of an Iowa property owner. It should be the job of the Iowa roofing contractor you hire to repair, replace, or install your new roof. 

Your Iowa roofer must understand the reasons behind roofing codes and how they protect properties against harsh elements. One must understand that building code requirements change periodically. Still, most buildings in the U.S. follow some edition of the International Code Council’s (ICC), the International Building Code (IBC), and the International Residential Code (IRC)

Importance Of Roofing Codes

  • Urbandale building codes require that products and materials comply with applicable test standards referenced in the local Iowa building codes. 
    • Independent labs and industry groups develop these standards, and they’re updated regularly.
  • Urbandale building codes give the proper guidance for roofers when installing roofs that protect against wind, fire, and cold climate.
    • There are no specific requirements for hail resistance, although restoration of an existing roof is often not permitted if a building is located in a moderate hail zone.

Urbandale Roofing Code Requirements for Wind

Roof coverings must be capable of resisting the wind loads of the location where the building resides. Whether it’s a steep slope roof or a flat roof, the proper guidance must be followed. Design wind speeds guide roofers because the adopted building code provides them, and they’re assigned based on location and the risk category of the building. 

Roofing Code Requirements for Fire

The effectiveness against fire exposure for a roof is rated as either Class A, B, C, or maybe non-classified. Class A, B, and C roofs are effective against severe, moderate, and light fire exposures. Because of this, thermal insulation should always be done following the latest energy standards and the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Roofing Code Requirements for Cold Climate

Cold climates can create harsh conditions, which can lead to dire problems if not appropriately addressed beforehand. Ice forming along the eaves in roofs can lead to massive leaks, so ice barriers must be installed properly where needed. Roofers must also make sure that the roof installed can shed snow while avoiding any build-ups. 

Following Urbandale roofing codes should be part of every Iowa roofer’s daily routine. Installing and secure and safe roof is the ultimate goal here at Ram Roofing. It’s why we follow and abide by the Urbandale roofing codes. If you’re interested in further learning about Ram Roofing you can learn more about us here.

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