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What Is the Right Time for a New Roof for Your Urbandale Home?

Has your roof undergone extreme aging? Unfortunately, roof aging can wear down the roof without your notice. Although manufacturers indicate standard shingles to last at least 20 years, it is somewhat hard to keep count through the years. More so, it gets complicated if you purchased or inherited your home and the roof was already functioning.

When is the right time for new residential roof installation in Urbandale? Experts recommend regular checkups for your roof (at least twice every year). But most people neglect their roof until leaks start manifesting—water pouring through the ceiling. 

Do you need a new roof?

Although roof failure or leaks are the obvious indicators that your roof may need replacement, there are other signs. Your roofer should assess your roof for damages and provide you with a free estimate. Once they finish with inspections, they should decide whether replacement is a befitting option for your home’s roofing.

While most homeowners perceive a roof replacement as an expensive home project, it provides your home with adequate protection from adverse conditions. Conversely, without it, property gets damaged easily. If your roof is within its limits, it can fail unexpectedly and damage anything underlying. Here are signs you should look for to predict whether it’s the right time to replace your roof.

Your roof is at least 20 years old

The number of years your roof can serve you is its lifespan. For instance, standard asphalt shingle roofs have at least 25 years of life. To guarantee your roof will live close to these years, your roofer must install it and ventilate it properly. Also, your roof needs replacing before it completely fails to function or starts leaking.

A good roofer will recommend replacing your roof at 80-85% of the manufacturer’s estimated lifespan. For instance, if your roof is rated 25 years old, replace it when it hits 20 years of age. This keeps you ahead of the problem and helps you avoid potential issues. In addition, it enables you to replace your roof before its life.

Water damage or leaks

A leaking roof is a reliable sign that your roof needs restoration or repair. Unfortunately, small leaks tend to evolve into major problems, damaging possessions and property. That’s why you should consult an expert the first time you spot the point of a leak.

A sagging ceiling may indicate a hidden leak. While sagging ceilings may not convince you enough of an underlying leak, they often result from exposure to moisture that is yet identified. For instance, if it feels soft or the cardboard feels soggy when you touch the ceiling, there are high chances your roof is leaking, exposing your ceiling to excessive moisture. If you spot a sagging ceiling, don’t ignore it. Instead, consult a professional as soon as possible.

Besides sagging, notice whether there are dark streaks and stains on the ceiling. These signs indicate that there are leaks allowing moisture to get to the ceiling. Nevertheless, moisture from leaks can get to the walls, staining them from top to bottom. While it may be hard to spot the actual leak, these dark marks are reliable indicators that water is making its way through the roof and possibly damaging the underlying components.

Missing or broken, or damaged shingles

If your roof has missing shingles or some are broken, you should consider replacing them. This suggests that your roof is failing to execute its function adequately, and its protection is limited. Roofing shingles will easily break if they have experienced decay.

If you reside in bad weather or your roof has endured time, then expect patchy shingles. This factor causes shingles to lose granules. In addition, shingles will quickly lose granules if they are poorly stored or of poor quality. The granules protect the shingles and the roof. Therefore, their absence exposes the roof to decay. When your roof’s usefulness begins subsiding, it starts rotting, especially if it’s made of asphalt or wood. But shingles become brittle over time and start decaying. Cracked, falling, or curled shingles are a good indication that your roof needs repair. If you spot an exceeding number of decaying shingles, consider having a roof replacement.

Sometimes you may notice the edges of your roof shingles curling. This may be a possible indication of wear. Factors causing shingles to curl are weather and aging. This often creates valleys at points where shingles meet. If you detect curling shingles on your roof, a roofing contractor should tell whether you need a new replacement.

Your roof is storm damaged

Wind and hail damage are common causes of roof failure. Shingles are vulnerable to high-speed wind. After a strong wind or storm, you will likely encounter missing shingles. That’s because the storm tends to rip them out of their position. When this happens, exposed areas become vulnerable to external elements and water damage.

Hailstones can also impact small dents on shingles. These dents cause leaks. When shingles suffer dents from a hailstorm, they lose their granules faster than normal. This causes earlier deterioration. While the roof can get repaired for insignificant hail damage, widespread damage demands roof replacement by an experienced contractor.

Visible moss

Moss commonly grows on roof shingles. You can remove moss by bleaching (mixture of bleach and water) or by brushing it off carefully. It tends to hold excess moisture, and getting rid of it prevents future damage. Although moss is often superficial, let a professional inspect whether the roof has sustained damages or leaks.

Your roof is installed poorly

Shingles that are badly placed will deteriorate faster than they should, and the problem can be traced back to poor craftsmanship. Poor and unprofessional installation reduces the roof’s lifespan and often results in leaks. This makes the roof fail prematurely despite the manufacturer’s guarantee. Another factor leading to earlier roof replacement is inadequate attic ventilation.

Get expert help

If your roofer fails to apply proper techniques during shingles installations, a good section of them will slide off the roof, and you may frequently encounter them in your yard. If you suspect that your roof installation is below professional standards, find professional help from Ram Roofing at

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